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The RaCER Project

We are proud to announce that our Company has won RaCER – the project for the European Space Agency.

The RaCER (Rover Speed Characterization for Lunar Exploration) project is implemented jointly by PIAP Space and ŁUKASIEWICZ PIAP – Institute for the European Space Agency. It is being developed for the purposes of the HERACLES Mission (Human Enabled Robotic Architecture and Capability for Lunar Exploration and Science).

The main objective of RaCER is to characterize the realistically achievable maximum speed of the teleoperated rover for lunar exploration through a number of controlled tests conducted in a lunar analogue environment. Driving with high speed will allow to cover as much terrain as possible during various operational scenarios.

The RaCER rover will be equipped with a set of situational awareness sensors: 3 video cameras, ToF camera and LIDAR.

The project has started at the beginning of September 2017 and will end in July 2018.