What are cookies?

What are cookies? The www.piap.space service stores information in the form of cookies, ie. small files placed on the user’s computer, while browsing the web. Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the site and to provide statistics on visits

Each user can decide for themselves how cookies are stored on his or her computer via the settings / preferences defined in the browsers. The default settings of the popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) allow you to save cookies from www.piap.space.

How to change the cookies settings?

In your web browser, you can change the cookies settings or completely block them. This will increase your security and data protection, but you need to be aware that you’re blocking some of the features you’ve been using, such as signing in to your email account.

Below you will find links to information on how you can change the cookies settings in the most popular browsers