Social Responsibility

From the beginning, PIAP Space has been in force with an anti-mobbing policy aimed at ensuring a safe and respectful workplace. It provides tools that allow for the effective implementation of the adopted assumptions.

Part of the anti-mobbing policy is attached in the form of applicable standards on equal treatment in employment.

At PIAP Space, it is important to counteract all forms of discrimination and exclusion, in particular due to gender, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, denomination, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Actions to counteract discrimination are implemented on many levels:

Level 1

at the stage of recruiting employees and members of project teams, each employee is assessed only in terms of the requirements, experience and professional qualifications. Information on recruitment requirements is available to all recipients, i.e. posted on websites used by people with disabilities.

Level 2

during employment and at the project implementation stage,

Level 3

at the stage of informing and promoting projects’ results,

Level 4

for future users of the outputs and results of the projects.

The company’s internal and external communication meets the accessibility requirements by allowing the formula of periodic working meetings in the form of video or teleconferences, including the use of instant messaging. For internal communication, dedicated IT tools and e-mail are used on a daily basis. Employees with physical disabilities are not obliged to personally participate in all work in the company – remote work is allowed.

For projects implemented by the company, tools are selected that meet the requirements of accessibility, i.e. universally designed solutions (apparatus, computer hardware, devices, software, etc.), available to the widest possible group of users, including mobility impaired users.

Sustainable development
and the environment

care for the environment and sustainable development

use of low-energy-consumption standards for the equipment, e.g. with the ENERGY STAR marking, min. 5.0 (energy saving) or developed and produced by manufacturers who have implemented environmental standards ISO 14001 or 14040 or 14044

waste segregation

manufacturing from recyclable materials

Caring for employees

The health and well-being of our employees are very important to us. We treat each of them individually, but we care about providing a friendly and safe space to work for each of them. We make sure that our employees have time for daily and holiday rest and we take it into account in planning the company’s activities. We try to provide support on various levels to people in a difficult life situation.