robotics solutions
for space

„At PIAP Space, we believe that we can make Space and Earth cleaner, safer, and sustainable, by designing, engineering, and delivering top-quality robotics solutions”

About us

Reaching new destinations in space exploration will require large number of advanced robotics systems. When it happens, we will be there!

We are especially interested in developing technologies in the areas of Active Debris Removal, Manipulators & End-Effectors, On Orbit Satellite Servicing, Human-Robot Interaction, Vision Systems and mechanisms.

We offer a wide range of services associated with technology research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and tests in robotics and mechatronics field.
Manipulation & gripping systems design

We provide a significant experience in the area of grippers and manipulator development. Our team delivered seven grippers for security and defence purposes and one gripper prototype for Active Debris Removal mission.

Validation Platforms & Field Tests

We provide eight different rover types for validation purpose of robotics technologies. We offer field test organisation, execution and data analysis.

Vision based navigation

We offer visual navigation development for rover, debris removal and precise landing missions. It covers algorithms development, code implementation, H/W-S/W codesign and test.

Mechanical systems design and manufacturing

We provide our experience in mechanisms, structure and MGSE design and manufacturing. We cover the whole product life cycle, from requirements definition to maintenance support during product utilisation

Current projects
TITAN project

The TITAN project advances the development of a robotic arm for satellite servicing. Under the contract, a prototype of a multi-articulated robotic arm will be made for the future deorbiting and servicing of in-orbit satellites. A laboratory model of a robotic joint will be created, and then – a prototype consisting of various types of … Continued


PRO ACT, aims to realize an implementation and demonstration of multi robot collaborative planning and manipulation capabilities in a lunar construction context, relying on, extending and integrating the outcomes of PERASPERA operational grants ( Towards this objective, the PRO ACT project purposes to demonstrate a novel approach of deploying multiple robots, Robot Working Agents ( … Continued


EROSS (European Robotic Orbital Support Services) objective is to demonstrate the European solutions for the Servicers and the Serviced LEO/GEO satellites, enabling a large range of efficient and safe orbital support services. The project will assess and demonstrate the capability of the on-orbit servicing spacecraft (chaser) to perform rendezvous, capturing, grasping, berthing and manipulating of … Continued


The goal of ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High-ENergy Astrophysics) mission is to develop an X-ray telescope able to address the Cosmic Vision science theme ‘The Hot and Energetic Universe’. PIAP Space’s role in this project is TAS-PL (Thales Alenia Space Poland) supplier of MGSE for assembly, integration and testing of a Science Instrument Bench prototype. … Continued


To characterize the realistically achievable maximum speed of the teleoperated rover for lunar exploration through a number of controlled tests conducted in a lunar analogue environment and investigate the effect of varying environmental conditions on the actual achieved speed.