Robotic subsystems

Our specialty is solutions for orbital robotics. We offer grippers, force and torque sensors, and robotic arms designed with satellite servicing in mind. Our equipment is manufactured among others as part of the strategic European space robotics cluster, Per Aspera, which is why it is compatible with a range of solutions developed in Europe. We provide subsystems that are necessary for the subsequent stage of space industrialisation.

In the area of planetary robotics, our offer covers organisation of field tests as well as assembly and integration of subsystems of customised mobile robots (MAIT). We offer professional support and consultancy based on many years’ experience of PIAP Institute in the mobile robotics segment.

TITAN project

The TITAN project advances the development of a robotic arm for satellite servicing. Under the contract, a prototype of a multi-articulated robotic arm will be made for the future deorbiting and servicing of in-orbit satellites.



PRO ACT, aims to realize an implementation and demonstration of multi robot collaborative planning and manipulation capabilities in a lunar construction context, relying on, extending and integrating the outcomes of PERASPERA operational grants ( Towards this objective, the PRO ACT project purposes to demonstrate a novel approach of deploying multiple robots, Robot Working Agents ( towards achieving common goals by cooperative goal decomposition, collaborative mission planning and manipulation for transport and assembly of supporting infrastructure.


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