About us

PIAP Space Sp. z o. o. is a daughter company of Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (Łukasiewicz – PIAP’s) dedicated to space-related industry activities. The core team, which started off the Company derived from PIAP Institute’s team for special projects development. They won their first contract for ESA in 2013.

In its activities, PIAP Space is strongly focused on using existing heritage from terrestrial commercial robotics and on-going R&D activities of PIAP Institute. PIAP Space develops technologies and products in the areas of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE), Active Debris Removal, Manipulators & End-Effectors, On-Orbit Satellite Servicing, Human-Robot Interaction, Vision Systems and Mechanisms.

PIAP Space was officially registered at National Court Register on February 2017. The Company employs 45 people. Today, the owners of PIAP Space are Industrial Develompent Agency (ARP) and Łukasiewicz – PIAP Institute.

PIAP Space – Robotics Solutions for Space

“Cleaner, safer, and sustainable Space and Earth”


„At PIAP Space, we believe that we can make Space and Earth cleaner, safer, and sustainable, by designing, engineering, and delivering top-quality robotic solutions.”

  • developing public awareness and inspiring next generations of engineers
  • sharing knowledge
  • economic patriotism
  • environmentally safe innovative solutions to improve the quality of life
  • care for employees
  • respect for ethical principles
  • the principle of equal opportunities and the prevention of discrimination and exclusion