Through the eyes of the employees

Anna Narojczyk,
HR/Office Manager

„Working at our PIAP Space gives me a lot of satisfaction, I have the opportunity to work with very interesting people and each of them is an inspiration for me to act. Every day I get to know a new cosmic world for me”.

Grzegorz Stachyra,
Senior Design Engineer,
Mechatronics and Simulation Section

„I like the pioneering aspect of what I do – doing something for the first time.
My work focuses on creating a unique design that will be applicable in space.
I am not only a designer, but also a technologist. I create a product whose all features are determined with the team. This is extremely exciting”.

Przemysław Brzęczkowski
Junior Software Engineer

“During my studies at the university, I was involved in a student project, the aim of which was to prepare a robot for the international competition of Mars rover prototypes.

I found a summer internship with the PIAP Space team implementing orders for the European space industry.

Currently,as a graduate, I can further development projects in the field of robotics space”.

Krzysztof Natusiewicz
Project manager

“Working at PIAP Space is:

  • great team
  • unprecedented project in the Polish space industry
  • learning and challenges every day

If someone wants to be at the first frontline of the space industry development in Poland and Europe, this is the right place”.