MANUS | NEW project

We are thrilled to announce that #PIAPSpace will develop a prototype (breadboard) of a robotic arm for the European Space Agency – ESA‘s lunar delivery mission #ARGONAUT. The name of the mission is also the name of a versatile lunar lander, designed to support a wide range of missions: from the delivery of payloads and infrastructure needed for lunar bases to autonomous scientific exploration and rover deployment. One of the most important tasks of the mission will be the safe unloading of the lander’s contents onto the lunar surface. This is where the prototype of the robotic arm we are constructing, the #MANUS (Manipulator for Lunar Missions), will be of great importance.
As part of the MANUS project, together with invited partners Astronika sp. z o.o.GMV, and Leonardo, we will conduct research to design technology to support logistics operations, scientific research, and manned missions on the lunar surface.