PRO-ACT project finish

The final stage for PRO-ACT project execution has started. Its final stage consists of the system demonstration in the Lunar station expansion scenario. Despite the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all teams quickly adapted to online work and remote testing. Owing to the ambitious approach and the partners’ flexibility, we managed to finish all necessary works, and the demonstration was held entirely remotely.

As part of the cooperation, we were responsible for delivering VELES, a mobile unmanned platform characterised by strong field capacities, capable of towing and carrying large cargoes, as well as for making use of the project results and ensuring their sustainability and for the relationships with the End User Council.

The goal of the PRO-ACT project was to develop methods of autonomous interaction between robots (wheeled robot by PIAP Space, MANTIS walking robot (by DFKI), gantry by AVS), joint manipulation and synchronised movement during the works related to the construction of a simulated Lunar base. The works covered the assembly of equipment, construction of simple buildings, and preparatory works.