VELES robot tests as part of the PRO-ACT project

PIAP Space representatives took part in the tests of robots created for the PRO-ACT project. The tests took place for two weeks at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center. The robot created by PIAP Space and called VELES joins DFKI’s six-legged system Mantis – the two robots tested software solutions that were developed by the other project partners: Space Applications Services from Belgium, GMV from Spain, CNRS-LAAS from France, Thales Alenia Space and UCity, both from the UK.

After implementing the software, VELES and Mantis are meant to cooperate with a third system, the mobile gantry of project partner AVS from Spain, and also perform different construction and assembly tasks together – for instance, unloading a reactor and a mobile gantry from a lander mock-up that could be deployed on the moon.